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GLIMPSE OF THE FUTURE: Denim through the Decades and our RYDER Denim jacket launching soon.

WORK / WEAR / LIVE has been the very cornerstone of &SONS and flows through our DNA. An uncompromising pursuit of perfection has led us down many different fabric routes but we find ourselves always looking at one of the oldest workwear weaves - the timeless, distinct aesthetics of denim.


Introducing fabrics and details that had form and function, and became essential wear for many craftsman and adventurers.

In Genoa in the early 1800s, a piece of fabric was weaved and was named ‘Jeane' after the city. After the weavers of Nimes attempted to replicate this hard-wearing fabric, they unknowingly produced Serge de Nîmes (translated to twill of Nîmes) or Denim as we now know it. 

The indigo dye that gives denim its iconic blue hue, originated in India. It is a natural dye, made from the Indigofera tinctoria plant which meant it was very ware and as popularity grew, heavy export duties and sanctions were imposed on the dye which made it even rarer in Europe. 

In 1853, Mr Levi Strauss moved to San Francisco during the 'Gold Rush' and imported denim as one of their fabrics. His customer, Jacob W Davis, who would buy denim from Strauss to make tents and wagon covers was commissioned by one of the gold mining companies to create a pair of hard-wearing trousers. In 1873, due to the denim being an integral part of the construction Davis and Strauss became partners and made their very first pair of jeans in the 1890s. 

Since then, denim has become one of the most widely used fabrics across all styles and genres of fashion… 

50’s rebels

Pop culture bad boys like James Dean and Marlon Brando popularised cuffed, boxy styles of denim as they shook up the squares in their films. 
Marlon Brando in the The Wild One

60’s love

Peace, love, and bellbottoms became the counterculture anthem of the 1960s. This was the decade where guys would personalise their jeans with patches and other accessories. 


The spirit of freedom continued into the 70’s but this was the era of designer denim. Major fashion brands got on board with the fabric and the designs were eclectic and varied. 


The decade of double denim and a move away from natural fades as we went crazy for acid and stone washing. Mainstream brands partnered with the likes of Calvin Klein to create the trademark look of the late 80’s. 


The grunge revolution coming out of Seattle saw a rise in rips and beaten up second hand jeans. Denim was going back to basics, making the most of the fabric and demonstrating how hard-wearing and versatile it is. 

As we embark into the next decade of denim, we wanted to be part of the new movement. Denim is and always will be a part of our DNA of &SONS and since the successful launch of our Canvas RYDER last year, our Pioneers have been asking for a denim version. 

This week, we’ll launch the latest addition to our HARD.WEAR range. A 13oz ISKO denim jacket that carries the same design as our canvas and an ideal layering piece for the coming months and long into Summer. 

Our Pioneers wanted a high quality fabric, with some movement and stretch and a slightly longer cut than your traditional denim jacket. By intruding pockets to the main body of the jacket, we were able to lengthen the cut so it is more like a Chore. The lengthened cut creates a more stylish silhouette and can be worn like a shirt, or as a top layer for warmer months. We’ve carried the pencil pocket, triple stitching and double buttons cuffs across from the canvas RYDER and introduced a yellow stitching and nickel buttons to contrast with the indigo. 

Like all great denim products, this is the start of the RYDER’s journey. The more time you give this piece, the better it will look. The patina will set in around the heavily worn areas and fades will become apparent on the elbows creating amazing ‘honeycomb’ effects. This is the perfect investment piece for 2021 to see in another decade of denim….

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