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MANUAL FOR LIFE: The wardrobe staple every Pioneer needs… Our Green Carver Jacket

Some purchases are made out of necessity, for others, it's 'just because' you want it. The humble chore jacket has become the everyday essential, and sometimes, we need a reason to freshen up the look and invest in something new.

The 'Just because' Jacket

I don't own a green chore... I don't own THAT green one... I don't own an &SONS chore... I have been looking for the perfect, vintage wash chore for years... I love their other jackets... It will go well with my denim... It's a practical mid-layer and an extra layer for the cold weather... I thought I'd wear it for 'date night'... You said it was time I bought a new jacket (I think)...The list goes on...

"Beautiful quality - I almost sleep in it!" - Fellow Pioneer - Tom

'Just because' it looks good in every style 

They don't come more versatile than the Carver chore, providing you with a jacket for all-seasons as we start thinking about our spring wardrobe. Layering it up or down can give you a unique take on heritage wear. 

(A) Versatile and stylish Carver Jacket for all occasions (B) Made from 97% cotton twill and 3% elastane in army green (C) Large laid-on fabric pockets to the front of the jacket (D) Elbow patches (E) Angled down pockets (F) Button-down collar (G) Button detail cuff (H) Carpenters Pencil pocket

ABSTRACTS - Chris Myott -...

ORIGINS: The Hudson Handmade boot...

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