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&SONS PIONEERS | Benny @ Mutt Motorcycles

Not long ago, we caught up with Pioneer Benny, founder of Mutt Motorcycles. During our visit we documented our first &SONS build, and we’re now glad to say the full feature film is ready
to watch here.

Pioneer Stories - Mutt Motorcycles from &SONS on Vimeo.

During the film, we got to hear Benny’s story on how he got into founding the Pioneering, small engine bike brand. We spent the day talking about bikes, clothing, Tupperware, and Bugatti. It was great to talk shop with him and get into the gritty details of his processes from start to finish, and a great excuse for us to get out of the office. 

&SONS Trucker Badge Cap Rust Tan

&SONS Blue Bolt Chore Jacket

Over the years we’ve got to know the guys at Mutt and we’ve always been huge fans of their work. We’ve followed one another’s journeys and teamed up whenever we could. You may have seen our first &SONS build - commissioned with Mutt and, as part of this, we wanted to capture the essence of his craft on film. 

What is your favourite piece from the &SONS Collection?

‘My Blue Bolt Chore jacket. I’ve got a lot of Chore jackets and French workwear stuff, but my Blue Bolt is my best one.

&SONS Sunday Shirt Utility Navy


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