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Origins The world needs pioneers, people willing to try something new, break new ground, set out on new paths. We’re proud to support innovation while valuing the skills of artisans where hard-won expertise is passed on from one generation to the next. That’s why we take such care over the design and manufacture of our clothing, using only the finest natural materials combined with the greatest craftsmanship. These are garments built to stand the test of time. We take the best from the past to create powerful ideas for the here and now. But for some of our Pioneers, this is simply the beginning…  An Introduction The &SONS Abstracts series follows the journey of our clothing as it is reborn...

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Through the lens: fforest, Wales

It was time for some well earned R&R for our Founder Phil and his family, and there was only one place to go and disconnect, unwind and recharge - the beautiful fforest near Cardigan, South Wales.

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The Red, White, Black and Blue

In the wind the blond wisps of hair that stick up from top of Blue’s puppy head moved like stalks of snow-covered wheat, and as the half-Bassett mutt sniffed the air I looked down at his brown, soulful eyes and asked, “Can you smell that the world is on fire, boy?” It was 8 a.m. on Sunday, May 31, when I took our 15-week-old puppy, Blue, for his morning walk around our neighborhood in downtown Long Beach. 20 miles north of us downtown Los Angeles was burning after a night of rioting and looting became so bad that the mayor called in the National Guard and issued a citywide curfew. Like many other metropolises across America—including Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, New...

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&SONS Field Guide - An Extension of Self

Acceptance of self is a stage of life that everyone should pass through, but not everyone does. Some of the most “wildly successful” people I know have absolutely no clue who they are, no understanding of what they believe, and no notion of how to express themselves, and I sympathise with them because I know how long it took me to feel comfortable to be the man I am.  

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