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RITUALS: We caught up with James Cowdale, our Marketing Director on his daily rituals

RITUALS is a new series we’ve launched for 2021 to gain insight and inspiration from the team at &SONS and hear how they channel creativity and remain focussed during these unprecedented times. James and Phil have a long friendship, even before &SONS and shared a love for fashion and all things creative. When setting up the company and launching the Kickstarter campaign, Phil contacted James about support with the branding. Having run creative agencies for almost 20 years, James was immediately drawn to the &SONS style and soon became part of the journey. As part of the new series, we wanted to hear how James has kept on top of the growing business and what rituals he has to ensure he remains...

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GLIMPSE OF THE FUTURE: Denim through the Decades and our RYDER Denim jacket launching soon.

WORK / WEAR / LIVE has been the very cornerstone of &SONS and flows through our DNA. An uncompromising pursuit of perfection has led us down many different fabric routes but we find ourselves always looking at one of the oldest workwear weaves - the timeless, distinct aesthetics of denim.   Introducing fabrics and details that had form and function, and became essential wear for many craftsman and adventurers. In Genoa in the early 1800s, a piece of fabric was weaved and was named ‘Jeane' after the city. After the weavers of Nimes attempted to replicate this hard-wearing fabric, they unknowingly produced Serge de Nîmes (translated to twill of Nîmes) or Denim as we now know it.  The indigo dye that gives denim its...

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THROUGH THE LENS: A pre-lockdown London shoot at the iconic Alexandra Road Estate

In November last year, we collaborated with Hannah Miles, a menswear and content photographer at the awe-inspiring Alexandra Road Estate in London.  The location, along with the weather, created the perfect aesthetics to showcase the &SONS collection in a more urban environment. As huge fans of the estate, and anything mid-century we couldn’t wait to discover the Brutalist architecture and meet some of the residents. Neave Brown is the only architect ever to have all of his work listed and as soon as we arrived, you could see why.As the crew set up, we went off to reccy all that the site had to offer on our ‘Loaner’ from our friends at Quella Bikes. Exploring the various corridors, communal areas, and the huge expanse of...

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MANUAL FOR LIFE: The Art of Layering with &SONS

Mastering the combining of multiple garments, fabrics, and styles is the very definition of layering and something we have pioneered from the early inception of &SONS. Layering provides our Pioneers with a ‘four-season look’ all year round and is particularly beneficial during the winter months.  Layering up for that walk in the park or hike through the hills allows you to drop a few layers when you arrive indoors whilst retaining that signature look. It’s easy to get wrong but when it’s right, it appears effortless. Our mid-weight chores and jackets are the ideal layer for this time of year and a great investment for Spring Summer.  The 350g Raw Canvas provides our Pioneers with a versatile, mid-layer to be worn with...

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RITUALS: We caught up with Founder, Phil James on his daily rituals and sacred Sundays

RITUALS is a new series we’ve launched for 2021 to gain insight and inspiration from the team at &SONS and hear how they channel creativity and remain focussed during these unprecedented times.  First up, our Founder, Phil James. He is an award-winning photographer and all-round creative who took a massive leap of faith 5 years ago to launch &SONS. Phil invested everything into the new venture and has been on an incredible journey as he switched from being behind the lens to designing clothes, working with makers and driving the ambitions of the business forward.  Phil has always been very open about his own mental health and how he balances life and work. Over the years Phil has developed techniques...

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