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Poppy Red Atlantic Watch Cap / Beanie
Poppy Red Atlantic Watch Cap / Beanie
Poppy Red Atlantic Watch Cap / Beanie

Poppy Red Atlantic Watch Cap / Beanie

We’ve designed our 100% Merino wool Watch cap/beanie in a way that avoids the ‘lump’ of wool on top of your head that makes most other beanies have a ‘point’. It hugs your head beautifully and being 100% Merino wool it keeps you warm without making you hot….think More Jaques Cousteau than East 17. As well as the Classic Navy, we have introduced some new head turning colours - Bright Orange, Uniform grey, Sun Yellow and Poppy Red. Featuring our new Gold branding on a subtle black label. Less is more. 
Historically a dark-blue, knitted woolen cap with a turned-up cuff worn by enlisted personnel on duty in cold weather. 'Watch Cap' - so named from a sailors duty of keeping watch.

Now an extremely common form of headgear for all hard workers and found all over the world where the climate demands a warm hat, the knit cap can be found under a multitude of local names. 'The beanie' was working apparel associated with blue collar labourers, including welders, mechanics, and other tradesmen who needed to keep their hair back, but for whom a brim would be an unnecessary obstruction.
Stay warm but look cool - the ATLANTIC Watch Cap.



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