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Boardwalk Peacoat



Brandon Jeans Indigo



&SONS Carver Jacket French Blue



&SONS Midnight Black dot scarf


&SONS Tan Leather Belt

Size:S/M (28-34")


Carver Jacket



Grey Lincoln Waistcoat / Vest



Thompson Baker Boy Hat- Grey Herringbone

Size:Medium (57cm)


Lucky Sixpence Necklace


Virgil Chino Tan



uncompromising standards since 1829


As the longest established shoemaker in England, the year was 1829 when Joseph Tricker founded the company. To set the scene from an historical perspective, that same year saw Robert Peel establish London's first uniformed police force, whilst in America, Abraham Lincoln gave his first political speech. Louis Braille invented his system of finger- reading for the blind and Queen Victoria's ascent to the throne was still eight years away. Tricker saw the birth of a modern world, a time for great enlightenment, learning and social reforms. This was the world in which the first retail orders for Tricker's shoes were secured. 

The company is renowned for their heavy brogue shoes and boots, and these have been adapted for both country walking and town use, and have been extensively used for shooting. In addition the Museum calf town collection, a range of beautifully crafted mens classic shoes was introduced in the 1920's and has proved to be extremely popular for both country and city gentlemen alike. In 1926, Britains first Motor Grand Prix is held at Brooklands, John Logie Baird gave his first demonstration of television and Queen Elizabeth 2nd was born. 


  • These are a generous fit and therefore typically larger by half a size. So, if you normally take a UK size 8.5, we recommend you buy a size 8.
  • Acorn Muflone, a deeply grained leather that has been dried in drums for softness and texture
  • Made in Northampton, England
  • Dainite Soles - This is a rubber sole with large studs that provide grip

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