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STAFF PICKS: James' go-to garments from the &SONS collection

Last week we received a new 'boys toy' from our friends at Super73!

We’ve been talking to Joey and the team at their Amsterdam HQ about collaborations and future projects together and they suggested dropping one over for us to try - and of course, our answer was yes! When?

What was supposed to be a quick Instagram stories post turned into a full-scale shoot with Kieran and Tom from the &SONS production team and James riding around the streets of Cheltenham.

“I’ve followed Super73 for years and have always been a huge fan. I ride a Harley ’48 and I imagined these bikes to feel like a more nimble, quieter version and I wasn’t disappointed.The output was awesome and with little effort through the pedals, I was soon hitting 15-20mph and grinning from ear to ear. The RX model is full-suspension making the ride very comfortable, especially on the oversized tyres. You're in complete control of the bike as the power is only on when you pedal, so it feels the same as riding a normal urban road bike... just with a little help!“

The Great British weather was kind to us but although the sun was shining, you soon felt a chill in the air. So, I grabbed one of our short-sleeved elders, the Rocker denim and our newly released RYDER Denim Jacket and headed out. The denim was perfect, it kept the wind out and wasn’t restrictive as I started to get a little more confident with the bike.

I’ve had a pair of Rockers for the last 6 months, the denim isn’t a coarse, stiff selvedge and therefore ideal for cycling around town. They’re showing some solid signs of ageing now with fades appearing nicely. 

Of course, our Baker Boy is not a replacement for a helmet so I was very careful cycling around the quiet back streets of the town and avoided any major roads.

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