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Our Story

The world needs pioneers, people willing to try something new, break new ground, set out on new paths.

We’re proud to support innovation while valuing the skills of artisans where hard-won expertise is passed on from one generation to the next. That’s why we take such care over the design and manufacture of our clothing, using only the finest natural materials combined with the greatest craftsmanship. These are garments built to stand the test of time. We take the best from the past to create powerful ideas for the here and now.

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The &SONS project is the creation of a range of unique workwear clothing designed by and for craftspeople, artisan makers and creative pioneers in their chosen fields of endeavour.


&SONS clothing is the brainchild of a group of like-minded craftspeople who make their living from taking and shaping superb visual imagery. That close attention to detail and style has now been applied to clothing for pioneers.

Phil James - Founder / Creative Director
James Cowdale - Head of Brand

The world needs pioneers: people willing to try something new, break new ground, set out on new paths.

The team at &SONS know that’s part of the game and that we all need to play our part in creating and shaping our own futures and those of our families and friends.

At times we might not succeed but, if we fail, then we learn from our mistakes and make sure we get it right next time.

When it comes to creating a brand of clothing that reflects traditional values, employs time-honoured skills and uses only the finest natural materials we know that we are taking on a big challenge.

That’s why we’ve paid such close attention to sourcing from only the best providers of tailored clothing with care in every stitch and love in every seam. As craftspeople ourselves we respect the quality of strong design and applied labour.

The result is a range of unique clothing items that draw on the past to create new and meaningful garments and accessories that you will be proud to possess and wear.

This is clothing for creative pioneers: individuals who stretch themselves, their boundaries and their horizons. These are clothes for people who are cut from a different cloth.

For it is only when we strive to be better that we achieve our goals and live in fulfilment of our dreams. And these are the values that we pass on to our children.

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