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The Leather Boot Care Guide

Clean and well cared for leather boots should be a staple item in every man’s wardrobe. They're also a good way to level up your casual style. We bet that the majority of your footwear collection is leather and it’s a great choice. Leather footwear is stylish, hardwearing, functional, and masculine.

Our Boots are hand-crafted in the Peak District by a fourth-generation family business founded in 1899. This style of boot was originally made to provide the local quarrying and lead mining industries with rugged footwear. Our boots tell a story of craftsmanship and although they’re made with tough, natural materials they still require care.
Quality leather boots aren’t cheap and by taking good care of them with regular cleaning and conditioning you can potentially add years to their life.

So, unlace those boots, and let’s show them some love.

Stripping Them Back

To begin this process, you want to remove your laces. It makes it easier to clean hard-to-reach areas such as the tongue. If your laces are particularly grubby you can either wash them or replace them.
Next, you want to clean your boots. Ideally, you should give them a light buff after every use to prevent a build-up of loose dirt and salt particles which can damage the leather over time. Use a soft brush to remove any dust or dirt or an old toothbrush to reach into the seams.

A Clean Slate

If your boots are stained or caked in mud it’s a good idea to wash them. If the leather is unfinished, use saddle soap for a deeper, more effective clean.

Use a damp rag and rub the surface of the saddle soap in a circular motion to create a light lather and rub the suds on the outer surface of the boots. If the leather has a finish, use a mild soap and a damp cloth to clean the surface of the shoe. Rinse and allow them to air dry for 10 minutes.

A New Lease of Life

When leather’s natural moisture escapes due to dry conditions, the interweave will start to weaken and cracks will form. Once the leather cracks there is no way to repair them so preventing damage is key.

Ensure your shoes are dry before polishing your boots. You want to avoid using liquid polish applicators as these can potentially damage the surface of high-quality leathers and often create a lacquer that is hard to remove.

Take on old cloth and work the polish into every corner and seam of the boot. It will take some time but it’s worth the trouble.

Then apply some conditioner to treat the leather. Apply your leather conditioner or balm and with an applicator brush buff it into the boot being sure not to avoid the tongue. Allow a few hours to dry.

Phil's Favourite

Huberd’s Shoe Grease

This is our time-tested recommended product that will offer protection and preservation of your leather boots with an easily penetrating formula that contains beeswax. It extends the life of leather, keeps it soft and restores dry leather to its natural condition.

Are you storing your boots correctly?

Storing your boots correctly can play a huge role in how long they last. It’s likely they will get wet, especially if you live in the UK, never be tempted to place them on a radiator! Simply stuff them with newspaper overnight and let them dry naturally.

You should also invest in some shoe trees. Cedar shoe trees are the best option for a few key reasons: they smell fantastic, they fill out your boots and keep the toe evenly shaped, they repel pests, and they absorb moisture that can deform leather. They also add that rustic charm to your boot equipment collection.

If you follow this guide your boots will have a new lease of life and be in your wardrobe for years to come.  

Sam Ciurdar: A Pioneer Spirit

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